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About us

About Us

This website is for Informational & Educational purpose only. We do not offer and Advise Regarding any Investments or any other Financial Activities. We do our best to offer our Audiences the Most up to date News and the Best Research & Analysis on State of Real Estate, Interest Rate, Mortgage Rate, Gold & Silver , General Economy.

We try to Connect you with Consultants in Various Financial fields to answer your Questions in that Regards, but we do not have no Responsibility and liability what so ever, on what you decide to do based on these Consultations. For Making any Decision you Should Consult with your Financial Advisor or Economic Consultant.

Profound Research & Analysis

Dr. Khashayar Shojaati

 Financial Analyst & Economic Advisor

  • Founder of Pulse of Financial Markets INC ( A Financial Consulting & Economic Research firm for the Institutions, Companies and Individuals)
  • Director of  Economic Research & Market Analysis for Profit Capital Group.
  • Former Investment Manager for the Very Prestigious
    U.S & International Investment Banks.  

 Sample of Investment Performances

 ==> Design a Portfolio with 7000% Profit so far
==> Research & Design Retirement Accounts with Several 100s% Growth 
 ==> Researche Portfolios with Much Higher Returns than Celebrities of Wall Street
 ==> Introducing New Research Portfolios for those Who wish to be Future Millionaires

and much more…

Information Matteres

Some of the Economic & Financial Predictions

==> 2008 Crash of Real Estate & Stock Market
==> Prediction of Dow Jons at 30,000 when it was at around 9000
==> Prediction of Gold & Silver Bull Market, when Gold was around $250/ounce and Silver at $3/ounce
==> Prediction of Previous Bull Market for Commodities
==> Prediction for Massive Corrections in Stock Market for the Year of 2022 at the Webinar of 2021
and much more…

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