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Dr. Khashayar Shojaati

  Financial Analyst & Economic Advisor

  • Founder of Pulse of Financial Markets INC ( A Financial Consulting & Economic Research firm for the Institutions, Companies and Individuals)
  • Director of  Economic Research & Market Analysis for Profit Capital Group.
  • Former Investment Manager for the Very Prestigious
    U.S & International Investment Banks.  

 Sample of Investment Performances

 ==> Design a Portfolio with 7000% Profit so far
==> Research & Design Retirement Accounts with Several 100s% Growth 
 ==> Researche Portfolios with Much Higher Returns than Celebrities of Wall Street
 ==> Introducing New Research Portfolios for those Who wish to be Future Millionaires

and much more…

Information Matters

 Sample of Economic & Financial Predictions

==> 2008 Crash of Real Estate & Stock Market
==> Prediction of Dow Jons at 30,000, when it was around 9000
==> Prediction of Oil Bull Market, when oil was around $10
==> Prediction of Gold Bull Market, when Gold was around $250/ounce
==> Prediction of Silver Bull Market, when Silver was around $3/ounce
==> Prediction of Previous Bull Market for Commodities
==> Prediction for Massive Corrections in Stock Market for the Year of 2022 at the Webinar of 2021
and much more…

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Why Profit Capital Group ?

Because We Deliver The Best Financial Research & High Profits

7000% Profit, so far !

That made every $10,000 to Over $700,000, In One Company and in only Ten Year and so far...

Astonishing Performances

Better Performances than Almost all of the Wall Street Well Known & Celebrities.

Over 25X Profit in Crypto Currency

This means for every $10,000 , it will Return $250,000 Profit

Real Economy & Living Standard

Warning about Currency Devaluation FED Policy and the Consequences of this Policy that will cause Falling of Living Standard for the Most People.

Interest & Mortgage Rate

Astonishing Prediction of Zero Fed Rate & Falling Mortgage Rate, when the FED was in the tightening mode in 2018/2019. Also, Predicting 180 degree Turning in FED Low Interest Rate Policy and getting MUCH HIGHER Rates because of the new Policy, When the Mortgage Rates were around 2.5% - 2.75% in May/ June 2021,.

Commercial & Residential Real Estate

Prediction of Very Bright Future for Warehouse & Rental Properties much before this Market gets Very Hot and way Before the Giant Rea Estate Companies talk about it.